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To my fellow canines...

Spring has arrived at Tara Meadows. This is a great time of year because the birds are singing, the sap is running and there is water everywhere! Anyone who reads my column on a regular basis knows how much I love to romp and roll in water - any water, clean or muddy (the latter is the most fun). Well when the snow at Tara Meadows melts, our lake returns . . . YIPPEE! Well it’s not really a lake - just a giant puddle, you know a puddlelake on our front lawn. And it’s right in the middle of where we play “fetch the ball” so to me it’s as much fun as a lake. Being a retriever I love to bring back the ball every time Rock throws it. He knows how much I love splashing through puddles and always throws it right in the middle of the puddlelake. As soon as the ball lands I launch myself after it. With every leap and bound water flys all around me. I get completly soaked and I totally enjoy it. I’m sure Rock enjoys it as well because I can hear him laughing as I come back with the ball. However, for some reason he stops laughing when I begin to shake the water off my fur. Alas, my “lake” will dry up in a couple of weeks, but until then I run and roll in it often as I can. Another great thing about Spring is my birthday. On April 1st I will be 3yrs old. I was born on Easter Sunday and Cyndy said I was a gift just like the new Easter bonnet that she would get each year as a little girl. That's where the Bonnie part of my name comes from. bonnie jane water puddle But it is also April Fools' Day and I love fooling Rock & Cyndy. Sometimes on our walk, I will dart off our trail and into the woods. I circle around and as Rock & Cyndy are calling me and looking in the direction that I left, I approach them from behind and sit beside them. At this point I follow their gaze with my ears up as if to say "What are we all looking at?". They laugh, I wag my tail and . . . I get a treat, yum.

Well until next time . . . have fun in any puddles you can find, and keep your humans Safe!

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Well, bye for now.

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