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To my fellow canines . . . as I write this column autumn is approaching. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and the mornings are getting cooler and damper. Now when I say cooler I mean KOOLER. There is nothing more fun than to run through the long grass that’s covered in dew. With every bound I see drops of water spray out in a fine mist - well what doesn’t stick to my fur sprays out! Now I always know where Rock and Cyndy are but if they lose sight of me in the tall field grass they whistle. Hearing this I immediately run back to their side, and you guessed it. . . SHAKE! I love it.

bonnie jane zucchini garden Autumn at Tara Meadows also means garden harvesting and filling our freezer with vegetables to last through the winter. I’ve been banned from the garden all summer. I don’t why? When they were planting in the Spring I only wanted to help them with the holes. Not sure Cyndy really understood the concept. Everytime Rock dug the hole, Cyndy was right behind and filled it in. Seeing this I knew that I had to follow Cyndy and take the dirt back out. I do not think they appreciated my help. After a couple of holes I was asked to stay on the lawn. So when I was allowed back into the garden this week I bounded through the gate and WHOA. . . what the heck is that!?! Those aren’t beans or tomatoes or carrots like we had last summer. This summer my humans have also planted zucchini. After my initial surprise I soon realized that zucchini are fun. The huge leaves have become a new favourite hiding place. My little zucchini cave also provides some nice shade.

Autumn also means filling up the woodshed. Rock drags a few downed trees out of the forest and cuts them up with the power saw. Usually the bark falls off and I get to chew it. Then the cut-up pieces are split and sometimes splintered into some excellent chewable pieces just for me - enough to supply me for the entire winter. Once again this year I know I will be reminded of the “wood rule” - no chewing wood in the house. Apparently wood is an outside toy.

Well, bye for now.

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