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To my fellow canines...

Regular readers of my column know that I’m always talking about my peeps and that my favourite peep is Miss Mallory. Recently I got a big surprise when she showed up and stayed with us for two weeks. She included me in everything that she did (like she had a choice, eh!) Each day we would play something called school. Miss Mallory would sit at Rock’s computer and talk to people about stuff that I couldn’t understand and I would keep her feet warm under the desk. Every so often she would say “okay Bonnie-Jane, it’s time for recess“ and we would head out to the swing set. After playing there for a while we would go back inside to play school some more and we would find a snack at the desk. There was also a snack for me. Now house rules are that I can only eat at my mat at meal time, hmmm . . . could this be that thing known as a “grandparent rule”?

bonnie jane and mallory in creekAfter Miss Mallory and I finished playing school we would all go for a walk. Rock & Cyndy would talk and keep each other company and my job was to stay close, very close to Miss Mallory. So together we would explore the fields and forest along our trail. Because the days are warmer I looked forward to having a refreshing dip in the creek when we arrived at the bench. Usually the little Miss is allowed to wade in the water to the refrain “Now, be careful, don’t get a soaker”, whatever that is. But this time while I was in my favourite swimming hole something special happened. I heard splashing and an excited voice saying “They allowed me!!!” and when I turned there was Miss Mallory chest deep in the water and she was fully clothed, boots and all. Hmmm, could this be a grandparent rule? We splashed and had fun until Cyndy said it was time to finish our walk.

After supper Miss Mallory had her bath, I don’t know why, I always get pretty clean in the creek. But I took up my position beside the tub to keep an eye on her. I didn’t mind getting splashed occasionally. Afterwards I followed Cyndy and her into her room and laid on the mat beside her bed while they read a story. When they finished and Cyndy said good- night, turned out the light and left the room Miss Mallory invited me up onto her bed. Now, when I was a puppy I was allowed on Rock & Cyndy’s bed but as I got older house rules dictated that I was no longer allowed on the beds. But I thought, they’re downstairs so what the heck. So I jumped up to snuggle. No sooner did we get comfortable then I heard Rock’s foot- steps coming up the stairs - oh oh! When he entered the room both Miss Mallory and I looked at him. He looked right at me and said “Bonnie-Jane, I want you to remember that this is the only bed you are allowed on” he then gave Miss Mallory a goodnight hug and me a goodnight snuggle and left the room. Awwwww . . . grandparent rules.

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