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bonnie jane alpaca shearing daytripper dogTo my fellow canines...

You’ll never guess what happened on our farm this past week. The alpacas, who were fat and fluffy, are now skinny and fleeceless! So much fun - well for me. The alpacas don’t seem to like the process, but as I see it, it’s like going to the spa. We do a health check at the same time - you know, skin condition, nails, teeth and weight. It’s difficult to know their weight when they all look so fat, but after they’re sheared, we are able to easily pick out a skinny one or two which we’ll need to fatten up. One of my duties on the farm is shearing experience quality control. I interview each alpaca . . . this is Slade pictured below. I ask each alpaca for their comments about the experience, you know - check the box . . . about efficiency of the workers, appropriate clean-up between alpacas, ability to reassure and keep the victims (ah, I mean patients) calm. Slade told me he found the experience tolerable but suggested next year we play background music by the Rolling Stones, offer a choice of beverage, and perhaps allow a closer conversation with the females. I told him that I would submit his comments to Management for discussion at their next board (that is barn) meeting. After spending two days inside the barn to keep them dry from any possible rainfall, the alpacas are happy to have the shearing experience now done, and they are once again out in the field nibbling on spring shoots of green grass and soaking in the sun. Their fleece will now be sorted by colour and length, handwashed, and then woven into beautiful area rugs. Take a peak on our back cover (page 20), for information on how these reversible non-fade unique rugs can spruce up your home decor.

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