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Bonnie-Jane in the dinghy To my fellow canines . . .I’m told that September is a great month for boating on beautiful Georgian Bay. The waters are relatively quiet with most families back at school and work.

This is a photo of me and my ship’s Captain. I convinced him that I could decipher the onboard GPS system, and thus steer him away from the shoals and rocks. I have a keen eye for that floating Javex bottle - an indication that some unlucky boater did indeed find a rock and is kind enough to warn others of its lurking presence. I’m also in training to look out for other boats around us - giving those pretty sailboats the right of way, and I’m perfecting my “boating wave”. All boaters wave at each other as they pass - a sign that all is well . . . because every boater has the responsibility to assist anyone in trouble on the waters. I listen to the chatter on the VHF radio just in case someone calls in a “mayday”. It’s happened! Seconds matter when someone is in trouble. The official help, which is the local Coast Guard, could be some distance away.

We spent some time floating about the 30,000 Islands, and achoring in our favourite spots. Beausoleil Island, which is a National Park, has wonderful hiking trails and lots of opportunities for a lovely swim. This National Park also provides black bears and rattle snakes. Once a rattle snake slithered off the path into the bush - we were careful to give it a wide berth and scoot on our way. And, we came across a black bear, ever so casually munching on the leaves of a low branch. Sorry to say that we do not have a photo of the bear, as my humans beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction. It seems that the bear did the same thing, no happier than us to have stumbled across humans on the trail. I read that if you come across a bear, you should avoid eye contact, and back up slowly. Ya, that didn’t happen. Survival instrinct kicked in as Cyndy yelled “run - a bear!!” Who were we to question that - we ran too! Something in that experience tells me that the bear is more used to encounters with hikers, than we are used to a chance meeting with him.

I kept my humans busy with regular dinghy trips to shore. Once, even in the middle of the night - with a flashlight. That was fun! I swallowed a lot of water while swimming, and was offered ice-cubes to munch on while they had dinner - so ya, a tummy full of water.

My humans bought me a new lifejacket because my little puppy lifejacket is already too small for me. They love the handle on it so that they can simply pluck me out of the water, although I gotta say, I’m becoming a pretty good swimmer. Rock throws a stick from the beach, and I do swim out and get it and bring it back to him - most of the time.

Well until my next column, Happy daytripping with your humans!

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