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To my fellow canines...

November is upon us.bonnie jane georgie cat It is one of those months that can bring just about anything - rain or snow, howling winds or soft breezes, sunshine or a winter sky. One thing for sure is that it brings darkness - as in less daylight hours. The good news is that when we turn the clocks back on November 7th, we get an extra hour. What will you do with your extra hour? My decision is easy - more time snuggled up on the rug in front of the fireplace. Just last week, we started feeding the fireplace each evening to ward off the damp cold that comes with November. We’re resisting turning on our furnace but I know that winter cold will come soon, and then the furnace will indeed be turned on. So, I have a funny little story to tell you. Rock has been painting the doors and trim on our house. He was working on the patio door in our family room, and needed to leave the door open for the paint to dry. He pulled the screen door across, because who knows how bold those coyotes may be. The screen door needs to be replaced because it has an, apparently, cat-sized hole near the bottom. Our resident cat, Georgie, was ever so thankful that we installed this cat door for him, and he happily came in and went out at his pleasure, through this hole in the screen door. Needless to say, Georgie was very put out when, after a day or so, we decided the paint was dry enough to re-install the hardware and close the door. Georgie, who is a barn cat, spends most of his time outdoors, but loves to come in and snuggle with us during inclement weather.

Until next time . . . Take care of your humans. They may need you to snuggle on the couch with them - oh yes, winter’s a coming!

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