Bonnie Jane canine daytripper dogBonnie-Jane, Canine Consultant & Adventurer


Bonnie-Jane under desk and with Raine To my fellow canines . . . well,this is my first day on the job, and I have so much to share with you.. I’ve been keeping my humans busy taking things out of my mouth (sticks, pebbles, grass, dust bunnies), and replacing it with a chew toy - the only allowable thing. But I’m pretty sure they appreciate my persistence in sourcing every available item and subjecting it to my very own carefully researched taste test.

My new home has alpacas. I was introduced to Raine who was very curious about me. I’m sure we’ll be great friends. I also have two visiting cats. They keep hiding on me, so when I spot one of them, I engage in the chase right away to let them know I’m friendly and want to play. I’ve been told they may be a little “pointy”, but I’m not sure what that means - yet.

I’ve had my first Vet appointment. I believe it went well. I received lots of attention from the staff and had a good chat with the doc. As my humans were paying the bill, I piddled on the floor. Five people immediately arrived on the scene with paper towels and spray bottles, cooing to me and making the little puddle disappear, so I was allowed to leave with my dignity intact - although my humans were very apologetic.

And I had my first restaurant experience, at a patio restaurant where I could be close to my humans. Well, I didn’t eat, but I snuggled up on my blanket and waited patiently while my humans did - okay, not totally true. As luck would have it, this patio had pebbles galore, and most of the meal was spent taking them out of my mouth.

The “do my business outdoors” training is moving along nicely. A bell has been installed at the door, and I find that if I hesitate long enough, it makes my humans nervous and they’ll ring it for me. When it rings, the door opens and out I go. Works like a charm. I brushed it with my tail once, and the room full of people sprang into action - the door was opened by the closest human and I was congratulated heartily - I kinda like that.

I’ve been training my humans on crating me and have produced a short video to demonstrate to them how’s it done. And swimming lessons were a hoot - also a video on this. Visit our website at www. to view these fun little vids.

Happy daytripping with your humans!