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bonnie jane shopping orillia daytripper dogTo my fellow canines...

I am very excited that it’s March and that Spring is just around the corner. I have so much to look forward to. For one thing, Rock will be taking me with him more often when he is out visiting our clients. In the wintery weather he is concerned that the salt from the sidewalk will get on my paws and in the summer he says the sidewalk gets too hot. But now everything is just right so I’m content to sit outside of the store and simply watch for friendly folks (and dogs). I rate "friendly" on a scale. Those who ignore me as they walk past would be at the bottom my list. Folks carrying dog treats in their pocket are on the top of my list. With my keen nose, I know this as they approach and I immediately take on deserving behaviour.

Next on my friendly list is folks (especially children) who just approach me with pats and belly rubs - we have a connection, they just know I'm a friendly sort. Then there are those who ask permission to pet me (proper etiquette I suppose) - my wagging tail tells them "yes".

Sometimes we meet other dogs who recognize me right away (like many of you who read my column) and ask their humans if they can "say hello" to me. I immediately sit and wait for the "go ahead". It's sniff, sniff, wag, wag, and then circling into tangled leashes, as our respective humans exchange information about our names, breeds, ages, and temperaments. While our humans chat, the canines I meet often ask my advice - you know about such things as which side of the street offers the most shade, which stores are "dog friendly" and of course which merchants offer hitching posts for leashes and water bowls (on hot days). When out with your humans, if you see me sitting patiently outside a shop on Main Street in Small Town, Ontario, be sure to stop and say hello!

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your adventures, with or without your humans, so I can post them on my blog. My email is

Well, bye for now.

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