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bonnie jane georgie catdaytripper dogTo my fellow canines...

It is December already, and guess what’s coming up real soon? That’s right - Christmas!! I love Christmas! The best thing about Christmas is that we have a house full of people, eating turkey, drinking wine, opening gifts and taking photos for the memory books. It includes more treats for me, and also the traditional snowshoe hike with everyone, after Christmas morning breakfast. So much fun! I just can’t wait . . .
But alas, I am told that it may be a very quiet Christmas Day this year, just us - treats and a snowshoe walk yes, but you know - just us. There will be no bouncy 8-year old Miss Mallory, the grand- daughter (aka my favourite peep) who takes charge of my meals, and those of Georgie Cat, whose traditional duty it is to place the angel on top of our tree (on Daddy’s shoulders), who sets our table with linen napkins in pretty Christmas napkin rings and cuts the vegetables “in a pattern”, who squeals with delight as each gift is unwrapped and revealed. There will be no chatter in the kitchen as the ladies stir the gravy and mash the potatoes. There will be no “ohhhh” as Rock brings in the delicious smelling turkey from the spit on the barbeque. There will be no heads bowed and hands held as we all say Grace before we clink our glasses in good cheer and dig in amid several conversations going on at once. I too get something special in my dish - and I love to lounge under the table, very quietly vaccuming anything dropped from the table - you know, just trying to be helpful.

It’s a time for restraint of a kind - celebrating with each other while keeping each other safe from the evil lurking in the air or just around the corner. I understand that relief is coming soon in the form of a vaccine, but we need to hold fast for a little bit longer - perhaps into the Spring. I’m thinking about next year’s Christmas already - how wonderful it will be. Heck, I’m thinking about backyard barbeques come next summer, where our guests get to bring their dogs - how much fun is that!! Good times are ahead.

In the meantime, if you can’t hug the ones you love because they’re not with you, make sure you hug the ones you’re with. Stay safe this Holiday Season - so that we can look forward to the time (soon!) for when we can all meet again.

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your social distancing, with or without your humans, so I can post them on my blog. My email is

Well, bye for now.

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