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bonnie jane burying bone daytripper dogTo my fellow canines...

It is now autumn and time to be stocking up for winter. The chipmunks that hang out in the barn are scurrying around the alpaca pens, picking up the bits of feed that fall to the floor. Sometimes Rock will save them some work and leave a small handfull of grain outside the pen for them. They seem to pay no attention to me as they grab the grain. But they sure look funny - their cheeks are so full that their heads appear twice the normal size. The chipmunks are not the only ones who like to set things aside for later. I too am a fan of saving for a rainy day, so to speak, so let me tell you about my method. You see I love bones and Rock always brings back nice juicy marrow bones for me whenever he visits Herrington Quality Butcher in Port Perry or Maxwell Meats just outiside of Flesherton. He gives me a fresh one when he arrives home and I start chewing, while the rest of the bones go into the freezer for later. I never finish the bone on the first day because fresh bones are good but 1, 2, 3 and 4 day olds are really good! So I rely on the canine way of setting one aside for later enjoyment. I bury it. Now this is not a task to be taken lightly. First I find the perfect spot for each bone that I bury. Later when the urge to chew arrives I will seek it out and enjoy it for a while. If I don’t finish it I will once again bury it and of course each time it must be buried in a different perfect spot. Once I find the perfect spot I will dig a small hole just deep enough for the bone. I then place the bone gently on the ground beside the hole and I roll it in with my nose. Now using my nose I will move the earth and leaves over the bone and pat them down just right. Rock and Cyndy chuckle when they watch me but I see nothing funny about it. It’s what I do.

Anyway if you wish to see a short video of me performing the task, just click on this link to go to my YouTube channel

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