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bonnie jane on top of the snowTo my fellow canines...
Those of you who follow my column already know that my favorite season is swim season. But now my second favorite season has arrived, snow season! On our walks I get to run and jump and roll in the snow. Sometimes I can even disappear under the blanket of white. There are also lots of fresh tracks for me to follow. Not that I need tracks as my nose works pretty good you know. But they help Rock to know what I’m following. Sometimes he lets me continue to track and sometimes he calls me back. I enjoy tracking but I always return when I get called (mostly). I’m a good dog . . . and Rock has cookies . . . mmmm.

The other great part about snow season is Christmas! This is going to be my second Christmas and now I know what to look forward to. All my favourite people are going come to visit, especially my most favourite of all - Miss Mallory. Now last year I found out about one of our Christmas traditions. After everyone arrives they all get bundled up, put on snow shoes, Rock grabs the saw and we all head out to our woods to search for the perfect Christmas Tree. I can hardly wait! Maybe while the peeps are checking out the trees I can encourage the Little Miss to roll in the snow with me. We can make angels - that would be fun. Once the perfect tree is found it must be cut down. The guys take turns each year cutting the tree. If the snow is deep they have to dig down to get to the tree trunk. Now last year was Rock’s turn and the snow was verrry deep! In fact, when he was finally able to crawl under the branches to get to the trunk all we could see were his boots. As he started to saw the tree I thought that I should help and grabbed a branch and began to tug. I didn’t pull the tree out but I did shake it enough that the snow fell off the branches to the ground. Everyone seemed to be pleased at the job I did because they were all laughing, except Rock. After he finished we brushed him off and dragged the tree home. It was then set up and we all decorated it in preparation for our gathering on Christmas morning. So to all my friends and your humans, have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters. It’s who’s around it.
Charlie Brown

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