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To my fellow canines . . . It’s July and here comes summer. Cool morning walks, starry nights and hot, lazy afternoons. Here is a really COOL and KOOL place you can take your peeps. It’s called the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre and wouldn’t you know it . . . they put it in St. Catharines. It’s located at Lock #3, right on the Welland Canal, which is also called the H2O Highway because the big ships pass back and forth between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Lake Erie is more than 300 feet higher than Lake Ontario so the ships have to be lifted and lowered using locks. bonnie jane museum canal st catharines Kinda like the elevators in our hotel, but liquid. That is the KOOL part of the museum. You can stand on a viewing platform and watch the ships come in, go up or down and go out. They even have a chart that tells you when the next ship should be arriving. The COOL part of this museum is the main lobby. It’s dog friendly. So if it’s a hot summer day or rainy (yuk) your humans can watch the ships with you inside where it’s air conditioned and dry. But remember, you must be well behaved and stay on your leash. (Now I know Rock left me for a moment to take these pictures but don’t tell anyone, okay?). There is a lot of neat stuff in the lobby but if your peeps have someone to watch you they would really enjoy the museum. It contains lots of history about the Welland Canal and the St. Catharines area. In addition to the viewing platform there are also walking and biking trails along the canal with benches for your peeps to rest on and grass for us four legged folk to cool down in.

So tell your humans to pack up a lunch and head down to St. Catharines to watch the ships go by, and that leads me to . . . Bye for now.

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