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To my fellow canines...

As I write this column the lawns and gardens at Tara Meadows are abundant and flourishing - it’s beautiful! But it will soon be September and that means cooler temperatures, colourful falling leaves, garden harvest and lots of what I refer to as tootsie rolls (those big round hay bales) in our own fields and in many fields throughout the countryside. It’s been a rainy summer (not a bad thing) so some farmers may even be able to take off a third cut of hay in September. I enjoy watching our farmer when he comes to mow and bale the hay but for safety reasons I watch from inside the house. Sometimes Rock will sit outside with me to watch from the veranda so that we are well out of the way but I can still feel the ground shake as he goes rumbling by with his big tractor. bonnie jane harvest hay bales As much as I love the big round bales my humans prefer the small square bales for our alpacas as they are easier to handle. So each Fall they roll in a wagon load of square bales into the barn and we pile them up beside the hay chute that leads down to the Alpacas. Okay, maybe “we” is not the word to use when moving the bales, but I do help. I have taken on the personal responsibility to sniff each bale to make sure that there are no little creatures hitching a free ride. When we’re finished I love to play King of the Castle . . . I even have steps to reach the top.

bonnie jane sittin on hay Harvest season is just around the corner. The tomatoes in our garden are starting to ripen nicely, and soon it will be tomato sauce time. Also, by complete surprise, we have spaghetti squash in our garden this year. My humans compost their discarded fresh vegetable parts and then till this mulch into the garden each spring. Well, I guess some seeds took hold and “voila” - spaghetti squash. We weren’t sure at first what those big vines with huge leaves were - pumpkins, zucchini maybe. But the mystery was solved recently as little football shaped vegetables started to appear. Soon enough I could smell the delicious aroma of spaghetti squash ground beef casserole wafting from the kitchen. Hmmm, maybe I’ll get a bite.

Until next time . . . Enjoy the Harvest!

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