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bonnie jane cria alpacaTo my fellow canines...
November is upon us. This is my second autumn and I can feel my fur coat getting thicker in preparation for what I am sure will be a cold, but fun snow-filled winter ahead. I knew that our alpacas also grew their fleece for winter so I thought I would check them out to see how they were doing and WHOA! What was that in the field? It was an alpaca just my size. Upon checking with my humans I was told that we had a surprise the day before. It seems that on one of his appointed rounds last November the gate keeper who will remain nameless (but looks a lot like Rock) did not completely latch the gate between the boys and girls fields. The boys moseyed over to see the girls and...well you know. When this oversight was noticed, all appeared quiet - no partying was going on. So, Cyndy simply wrote down the date in her alpaca diary, and it was a “wait and see” situation. Because of the way they carry their developing crias, an expecting alpaca does not often look “obvious” so without tests from the Vet, it’s a guess until shortly before the birth. So, guess what? We have a beautiful little female cria, only 7 days old at this writing. Her name is Deja and I’m sure we’ll be fast friends. Having a Fall cria has its challenges because she will need to be kept warm enough until her fleece thickens. So to keep the chill off she is now wearing a small doggy coat. Fleece inside and water repellent outside with velcro tabs to keep it closed. Quite stylish, its what all the alpaca fashionistas are wearing this fall. Momma Raine and her sister alpacas are quite protective of young Deja and keep standing between me and her, even with a fence between us. I just know that if Deja could get to know me, we would have great fun. But, alas, I am not allowed into their field so as not to upset Momma Raine -- who appears to be doing an excellent job. Perhaps when she gets older we can play together. Oh well, until then I guess I’ll just watch them from afar.

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