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My fellow canines, Spring is arriving slowly at Tara Meadows but the buds are beginning to appear and soon the swallows will be returning to our barn.

bonnie jane snow coldNow I like the warmer weather for many reasons but I do miss the snow. A favourite winter activity of mine is to roll around in the snow and leave an imprint.This is what Rock and Cyndy call making BJ angels. But I call it scratching my back on the cool snow. Just last week when we were out walking I was making do by scratching my back on a bed of pine needles at the edge of our forest when I looked up and there it was. Wedged up against the shady side of a stone row in a back meadow, the last patch of snow at Tara Meadows!! I was elated as I ran to it and threw myself down on the cool carpet. Then I rolled and rolled, flipped on my back and wiggled back and forth and scatched and scratched. I was in heaven!!. When Rock and Cyndy finally stopped laughing they coaxed me off the patch of snow (read cookie) and we continued our walk. The weather warmed up quite a bit as the day went on and unfortunately the next morning when I checked out my last patch of snow it was gone. In its place there was nothing left but a mud puddle. Wait, did I say mud puddle?!? I sure did, and when we got home Rock gave me a shower. Bye for now.

Until next time . . . Take care of your humans.

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Well, bye for now.

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