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To my fellow canines . . .May is here - and Rock tells me that means shopping for Mother’s Day, so off we went. I waited patiently outside our favourite country store while Rock disappeared inside. He has my order -- pick up a Mother’s Day card that says "From the Dog" - that would be me. The bigger the card, the better. Even better if it comes with a treat. It would be nice if the card has loving words - you know, the things I would say myself if I could. Even better yet, if Rock would pat me on the head when he comes out of the shop, give me a cookie and tell me what a "good girl I am" for waiting so patiently. It's great when a passerby makes eye contact with me and then I use my charismatic powers to bring him over to have a little chat. As chance would have it, there is sure to be a fellow canine walking with his human . . . and we get to wag our tails, twist our leashes and say hello. I look in the doorway and see Rock browsing through the cards, finding just the right one. Maybe they have dog toys in there too.  bonnie jane shopping mothers day dog toysYes, Rock should buy a dog toy for Cyndy. I could give it to her, along with the card of course. She may not find a use for the dog toy and it could possibly end up in my toy box. Okay, here comes Rock now. Yes - we have the pat on the head and the cookie and of course, the perfect card.

Well friends, with the weather getting nice it’s time to take your humans shopping with you, especially for Mother's Day. Bye for now.

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