Bonnie Jane canine daytripper dogBonnie-Jane, Canine Consultant & Adventurer


Bonnie-Jane in the snow To my fellow canines . . .it’s December. This is my first December, and apparently I will experience a lot of firsts this December. The most significant is SNOW! “Wow”! Talk about fun! This white fluffy stuff just falls from the sky . . . it’s amazing. It’s a little cold on the paws, but my humans rub a little bees wax on them so that the snow doesn’t stick. I could just run and jump all day. My humans get very excited about walking through our snow-covered woods because they can point out all kinds of paw prints - deer, coyote, rabbit, turkey, mice. (I don’t need the paw prints in the snow to know they are there - just sayin’.) My humans like to play hide and seek. When they feel I am not paying attention to them, they’ll duck behind a tree and I’ll immediately get concerned and come find them - to which I get a reward of course. Well, their footprints in the snow give them away, making my job so very easy - love it.

Another first for me will be Christmas. I’m told that it is a very big deal. Apparently, a tree is planted in the parlour with coloured lights strung around it, and boxes wrapped with ribbons and bows appear beneath it. House rules are that I’m not supposed to touch these boxes, but I do think that a covert mission of doing just that needs to be envisioned, and put into action, under the cover of darkness. I’m very fast, especially when I’m doing something that I know I am not supposed to do. So, it’ll be get in and get out! There will be plenty of distractions with the extra family members visiting and I’ll work with the visiting canines to create a diversion. Yes, that’s the ticket. It’s important to sniff each package to ascertain if there is anything edible. Anything at all. I’ve already de-stuffed all of my puppy toys. Well, that’s what they’re for right? The stuffing is a little tasteless though and most of my toys are now headless or legless. Perhaps some of those boxes may contain some new chew toys. Yes, this mission bears the neccessity for a serious investigation. Can’t wait to employ my exemplary skills . . . and to witness my humans joyful reaction!

A very Merry Christmas to all of you, my canine friends. Take care of your humans during this holiday season . . . hide the eggnog if you have to.

Until then, happy daytripping with your humans!

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