Bonnie Jane canine daytripper dogMy Weekly Adventure

by Bonnie-Jane, Canine Adventurer & Travel Companion for Curious Guide


bonnie jane al ferri apples bramptonTo my fellow canines . . .Here I am, back at my adventures, exploring Ontario.

This week, my human Rock and I dropped into The Country Apple Store in Brampton. Unfortunately for me, only service dogs are allowed in. So I had to wait outside while Rock went in and met with Ray. He took some pictures of the really yummy looking stuff they have just so I would know what I was missing. bonnie jane al ferri store

Your humans will really enjoy this place, so plan a daytrip to Al Ferri & Sons - The Country Apple Store. They are located at 8605 Heritage Rd, Brampton. You can also check them out online at

Remember, tell them Bonnie-Jane sent you!

Time to get the Curious Map out and decide where we are going next week!