Bonnie Jane canine daytripper dogMy Weekly Adventure

by Bonnie-Jane, Canine Adventurer & Travel Companion for Curious Guide


To my fellow canines . . .I am off again exploring the highways and byways of Ontario.

bonnie jane misty meadows alvin martinLast week Rock stopped by to see his buddy Alvin and the new Misty Meadows store. I couldn’t go inside so I sat on some great Muskoka chairs that are for sale.

When Rock wasn’t watching I peeked through the doorway and WOW. Now if scooped ice cream is not reason enough to stop they also have a bakery, deli and lunch bar. Prepared and fresh meat (mmmm read bones) is available along with local in season vegetables grooceries & gifts. Lots of parking too, (just watch out for the tire) and plenty of shade for us girls n’ guys. .

On Saturday, July 20th, they are having a Grand Opening Celebration! There will be local vendors, a BBQ (mmmm barbecue), discounts and more. Be sure to stop by, tell them Bonnie-Jane sent you.

bonnie jane misty meadows tire Hey Rock, Let's bring this chew toy home!


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