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The City of Cambridge was incorporated in 1973, when the three municipalities of Galt, Preston and Hespeler and the settlement of Blair were amalgamated into a single legal entity under a new name. (A new name that was not very new as Preston was once known as Cambridge Mills.) Each of the communities possessed a long and proud history and there was considerable resistance among the local population to this "shotgun marriage" arranged by the Provincial government. A healthy sense of rivalry had always governed relations among our three communities. Even today, while our residents will tell the outside world that they call Cambridge home, they will often identify themselves to each other as citizens of Galt or Preston or Hespeler. While the original communities have come together well in the years since amalgamation, they began life apart and as a result Cambridge is blessed with not one but three historic core commercial areas to preserve for future generations. As Cambridge has developed the open spaces between the original municipalities have been filled in a fourth commercial core.

Today, Cambridge is a thriving emerging and modern city with a diverse population of more than 125,000. It is located within the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and is apart of one of Ontario's fastest growing and economically prosperous regions. With its perfect position being located along Highway 401, only 45 minutes from the provincial capital of Toronto, Cambridge is well poised to continue to grow and flourish into a prosperous metropolis and one of the best places to live in the Province of Ontario.


The Viking's Saddle

A hulking, godlike norse warrior stops his horse on the top of a hill, looks to the heavens, and bellows "I AM THOR!"
His horse turns to him and says "Well that's becauth you forgot your thaddle, thilly."


The Pirate

A sailor orders a drink at a bar then looks to his left and sees a pirate with a peg leg, a hook for a hand, and an eye patch. The sailor asks how he lost his leg. "Arrrr... a gator bit off me leg while burying gold in Florida." He asks next how the pirate lost his hand. "A shark bit me hand off while I was throwing the gator into the sea." Amazed at the pirate's bravery, he asked how he lost his eye. "A seagull messed in me eye." The sailor was shocked and asked, "A bird messed in your eye and you lost it?" The pirate said, "It was my first day with the hook." jokes humour laughter