Dunnville, Ontario

Famous for the spectacular Elora Gorge and its 80 foot limestone cliffs descending into the Grand and Irvine Rivers. Adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers regularly flock to Elora, Ontario to enjoy some fun and take in the natural beauty.

Many original stone buildings from the 1800′s still make up the downtown village centre. Over the decades, Elora has maintained its old world charm and the century-old buildings have been transformed into unique galleries, gift shops, artists studios and charming restaurants creating the perfect four-season shopping and dining destination.

Elora is a cultural haven with so much to offer. Rich in live music, visual arts, crafts, up-scale boutiques, natural beauty, architecture, culinary flavours, and diverse in culture; Elora provides an alternative lifestyle not typically found in small, rural communities in this day and age. Discover for yourself what makes Elora so unique and you will fall in love too!

College Reunion
by Shelley Norman

“Why are we going to this again?” I asked my friend Terri, as she confidently drove her minivan along a very familiar route we’d taken many times twenty years ago. “Because, it’s our college reunion and we want to go see how much better we turned out than everyone else,” she smiled her wicked grin. “Ha, ha,” I said back. “What if everyone else are huge successes and we are just plain, boring, ordinary old us.” “Speak for yourself sister! There ain’t anything ordinary about me,” she grinned again reaching over to squeeze my hand. “You’re totally over thinking this. The people we went to college with were nice people, and I’m sure they are still going to be nice people. And even if they aren’t you have nothing to be ashamed of how your life turned out. You’re married and have the world’s cutest dog, and own and run your own business. You’re no slouch.” “Thanks,” I squeezed her hand back, “same goes for you, except add in a few teenagers.” I turned and looked out the window of the van. Then catching my reflection I patted my hair. “Do you think I should have gotten my hair done?” “Would you stop it!” Terri looked over at me. “You look great. You can wear the same clothes you wore in college! You still have brown curly hair, without needing a trip to the salon, and last week you got carded buying a lottery ticket, and you weren’t even wearing make-up!” “Yeah, but the lady working the counter had bi-focals on,” I said in my own defence. “So I don’t think that should count.” “All I’m getting at is that you have nothing to worry about,” Terri shrugged.

As more and more familiar landmarks passed by I could feel my tension increasing. “Aside from you and bumping into Gina in the grocery story once in a while, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone from college since graduation. You?” “I kept up by email with a couple others for a few years, but then life got busy with kids and working and … well you know how it goes,” Terri looked reflectively. “ I do remember seeing the obituary in the newspaper when Amelia passed away though.” “Yes, so do I. Cancer, right?” I looked over at Terri who nodded agreement. We drove on in silence until the campus buildings appeared ahead. “Here we are,” Terri said pulling into a parking spot in front of the student centre where the reunion was being held. “Ready?” I nodded and we exited the vehicle and headed towards the doors. “Terri? Sarah? Is that you?” a familiar voice called. Turning we looked at the lady for a moment before recognition hit. “Lana?” Terri said reaching to pull her into a hug. “Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen you since graduation!” After releasing Terri, Lana gave me a joyous hug as well, “you two look great! Hey, look there’s Connie and Stephanie,” Lana waved and grabbed us each by a hand. “Come on, let’s go see who else is here.” Lana’s excitement at the chance to see all our school friends must have been contagious because as she began dragging us towards the open doors I could feel myself become excited at the chance to slip back into the past for a few hours to that wonderful time I spent with these people.

read more Shelly Norman This summer marks 20 years since I finished college. I’d like to send a shout out to all my former classmates from Park College! Hope you‘ve all had a wonderful past 20 years, and wishing you all the best in everything you do!