Gravenhurst, Ontario

Gravenhurst, known as "The Gateway to Muskoka" offers a vibrant community rich in arts, culture and heritage. Offering visitors a wide range of accommodations, restaurants and attractions, it is home to the best events, recreational facilities and outdoor activities in Muskoka. Gravenhurst is only a 90 minute drive from Toronto, or fly and land at the newly renovated and expanded Muskoka Airport. The warm hospitality, unique heritage and natural beauty of Gravenhurst will capture your heart!


Irish culture flag

Debunking Some Myths about Irish Culture

March, when people across the globe don green garb and celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The day pays homage to the patron saint of Ireland and has become a day of celebration for people from all walks of life. While St. Patrick's Day celebrations are all about fun, festivities may foster some misconceptions about Ireland and Irish culture. Debunking some of those myths may give people an even greater appreciation of the Emerald Isle.

  1. The Irish are not enamored with leprechauns. Come St. Patrick's Day, leprechauns are purported to be mischief makers who can rev-up the fun. But within Ireland, the only places you're liable to find leprechauns is in tourist gift shops. In fact, while the origins of leprechauns may date back to ancient Ireland, many people now believe the image of the fighting, ill-tempered leprechaun is offensive to the Irish people.
  2. Ireland is not a part of the United Kingdom. Many people mistakenly believe that Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. However, this hasn't been true since the conclusion of the Irish War of Independence. in 1921. The six counties known as Northern Ireland are still part of the UK, but the remainder of the island makes up the Republic of Ireland.
  3. Ireland is a world economic power. Ireland is one of the richest nations in the European Union. The World Atlas ranks Ireland as the third richest country by GDP. Tourism and the beverage industry help solidify this ranking.
  4. Ireland residents' wardrobes are not exclusively green. Known as the Emerald Isle for its awe-inspiring green countryside, Ireland has long been associated with the color green. As a result, St. Patrick's Day celebrants often wear green clothing on March 17. But the people of Ireland have more diverse sartorial tastes and are just as likely to wear various colors as they are to wear green.
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