Grey Highlands, Ontario

The Municipality of Grey Highlands is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Grey County.
Made up of the former Townships of Artemesia, Euphrasia, Osprey and the Villages of Markdale and Flesherton, we proudly boast the natural beauty of waterfalls, the Bruce Trail, the Osprey Bluffs and the Saugeen and Beaver Rivers.

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Durham Gets a Doctor

ln the early days of the Grey County town of Durham, doctors were in short supply. One of the first doctors in the community was a Dr. Moore who made house calls to his patients on foot, by horseback or even canoe. He was succeeded by Dr.Woods who lost his life on a medical call, drowning in the Saugeen River. read more articles in curious guide Dr. James L. Smith was one of the Durham area's best-known medical men. After graduating in 1890 from medical school, he set up a practice at Dornoch, ten miles north of Durham. His practice was almost entirely rural and, in the days, when there was no telephone, no ambulance, motor vehicles, miracle drugs and hospitals, the health of those who fell ill depended up Dr. Smith. ln those days, Dr. Smith's transportation was by horse and buggy in the summer and horse and cutter in winter. lf the roads were too badly drifted, he would walk to the home of his patient. Smith did eventually buy a car but he would always claim to prefer the horse since on his way home from a house appointment, he could thrown the lines over the dashboard, go to sleep and the horse would find its own way home. ln 1918 when the Spanish flu struck Grey County, Dr. Smith moved his practice to Durham, making house calls day and night. One patient, a well-known Durham merchant, would later recall that he was not expected to live through the night. And then Dr. Smith arrived to successfully treat his 100th patient of the day. The mayor of Durham in 1923, Dr. Smith lived on until his death in December, 1958, a well-loved and much respected man of medicine.