Kleinburg, Ontario


The settlement of many early villages in Ontario was directly related to the establishment of a local industry. Kleinburg, like many riverside villages developed around the existence of numerous mills. In 1848, John Nicholas Kline bought 83 acres of Lot 24 in Concession 8, west of Islington Avenue. On this land, John N. Kline built a sawmill and a gristmill. Land plans from 1848 show Lot 24 in Concession 8 divided into smaller, individual, one-quarter acre lots, thus encouraging the establishment of a village core. The Kline mills not only served the local farming community, but became the impetus for a growing commercial centre.



How Time Flies...100 Years Ago...

keep on reading more articles Take a look around your home. 100 years ago, there were no fridges or microwaves or hairdryers, and very rarely did someone have a bathroom, let alone two or three. Before the invention of the Model T (also known as a Tin Lizzie) in 1908, car ownership wasn't feasible for most folks. But, once the somewhat affordable, $850 car hit the streets, people all over the country began learning how to drive. It apparently took cars 50 years to fully unseat horses as the preferred mode of transportation. Letters and parcels were largely mailed by trains, trucks, or even motorcycles — the first airmail ever was sent in 1918. Today, communication can be transmitted instantaneously by email or phone, but back in 1918 that luxury didn't exist. While the Postal Service is still around today, less and less people are mailing things. One hundred years ago though, people were marveling at the idea of flying mail across the country. Silent movies are seen as quaint in 2018, but 100 years ago they were the height of innovation. In 1918, going to the movies was a fairly new activity — the first movies were shot in the late 1800s. Bloodletting was actually recommended as a treatment for infections and other ailments all the way through the 1940s, which seems unreal today. Penicillin would be discovered in 1928 by Dr. Alexander Fleming. It would take two more decades for a patient to be successfully treated by it.