Meaford, Ontario

Situated on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, the Municipality of Meaford is a fascinating four-season destination that has it all: great live theatre and concerts, fresh local food, unique shopping, nature at your doorstep, a beautiful harbour and so much more. The quaint and charming historic downtown district features Meaford Hall - a restored 330-seat theatre, concert and cinema venue, unique boutiques, delicious eateries, and services of all kinds.

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Purrsonally Yours Wool and Fabric Meaford bathroom etiquette rules

Bathroom Etiquette When Entertaining

Bathrooms can easily be overlooked when party planning, even though theyÕre a part of the home that just about everyone on the guest list will have to use at some point during the festivities. As is often the case when hosting or attending a party, there are certain unwritten rules that apply to the restroom. Prevent discomfort for all by avoiding these faux poos - rather, faux pas.

  • Keep it well stocked Running out of toilet paper can lead to embarrassing situations. Save guests the trouble of asking if someone can spare a square or putting out a distress call by ensuring there is plenty of toilet paper available in the bathroom. During the party, hosts can periodically check to see if the stock needs to be replenished. While you're at it, make sure there are fresh, dry towels for hand-washing and plenty of soap on hand as well.
  • Clean up After using the bathroom, wipe up any excess water from counters and give a passing glance to the toilet seat before leaving the room to ensure everything is tidy. Close the seat and lid as well.
  • Create a welcoming environment Hosts can ensure a pleasant restroom experience by utilizing an air freshener or a scented candle to create a welcoming aroma. In addition, make sure to have a readily accessible plunger near the toilet for emergency situations.
  • Knock before entering It's always wise to knock before opening the door to the bathroom. Check first before pushing open stall doors as well. Locks and latches break, and a simple knock spares all involved any embarrassment.
  • Keep it brief Linger only as long as necessary to do your business, as other people may be waiting their turns.
  • Watch what you flush Homes with septic tanks may have strict restrictions regarding what can go down the drain. Be respectful by not flushing tissues or paper hand towels. Also, personal hygiene products should always be disposed of in a trash can, not the toilet.
Party etiquette extends to the restroom, where hosts and guests can work together to avoid any potentially delicate situations.