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A pretty town situated along the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville offers a plethora of fun activities, cultural discoveries, shopping, dining and entertainment. Treasure galore! You'll be glad you came for a visit!

Give me all your Cookie Treasure or Walk my Plank!
By Shelley Norman

Happy Halloween!” I waved as the two little ladybugs walked out the door of my bakery, Glenda’s Goodies, followed by their butterfly mother.

I glanced up at the clock 4:55pm, five minutes to closing. “So how many trick-or-treaters did we get?” I asked my Zombie assistant, Zoe, who was standing behind the cash register nibbling on a cookie.
“I lost count at 24,” she said around a mouthful of oatmeal and raisins, “and that was before the big three o’clock rush.”

Our local BIA came up with the fantastic idea this year to have a downtown trick-or-treat party for the town kids on the Saturday before Halloween. Businesses that want to take part hang a special sign in the window and balloons by the door to let parents know if they bring their costume be-decked kids in there are treats available. pirate

Glancing at the near empty baskets of frosted, pumpkin shaped cookies that were individually wrapped in cellophane with orange ribbon and a card for 10% off their next purchase, I’d guess we must have had nearly 100 children come by, which was wonderful. And glancing at the near empty shelves of baked goods behind the counter, I’d guess most families also made a purchase while they were here. Even better!

“Hey look who’s coming down the street,” Zoe pointed out the plate glass window, my eye following her hand. “It’s Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, with the short, blond and curly twins.”
“Who?” I automatically reached up to smooth my hair, only to realize I was wearing a frizzy blond wig and tiara to go with my Glenda the good witch costume.
“Uh-huh. You know exactly who I mean Miss. blushing brighter than a maraschino cherry,” Zoe smirked. “You two have been flirting it up since he moved here at the start of the school year.”
“We have been doing no such thing! Matt is just a struggling, single dad trying to get settled in a new town. All I’ve been doing is being a good neighbour,” I said in my own defence.
“If that’s what you have to tell yourself to get to sleep at night,” Zoe snitched another oatmeal, raisin cookie off the tray behind her.
“Hey, how many of those have you ate today?” I attempted to change the topic.
“Just keeping the stock from going stale,” she smiled. “And I know you’re just trying to change the topic.”

She knew me too well after too many early mornings spent chatting over rising bread dough. I was about to make a snide comment back, when the bell over the door chimed announcing the arrival of Matt and his boys, I sent a glare that could freeze water towards Zoe before turning with a smile for the new arrivals.
“Who do we have here?” I asked crouching down in front of the boys. “It looks like three fierce pirates come to plunder my shop.”
The one pirate raised his sword, “a vast me hardy, give me all your cookie treasure or walk my plank!”
“Oh no! Who will save me?” I rose holding a hand over my heart.
“Don’t worry Glenda,” Zack, the shyer pirate, said flipping up his eye-patch. “It’s just me and Bobby and Dad. And our swords are plastic.”
“Well that’s a relief,” I said pretending to wipe sweat from my brow.
“But why don’t you go over and see Zoe and plunder a few cookies from her anyways.”
As the boys raced off to see Zoe, Matt turned towards me with a smile.
“You’re always so good with them,” he complimented.
“Oh that’s not hard, they are easy kids to like,” I shrugged and walked around behind the counter trying to find something, anything to do so I wouldn’t just stare at Matt who looked way too good in the pirate costume.
Matt leaned his elbows on the display counter in front of me, “I know this is kind of last minute but are you busy tonight?”
My head snapped up, “What?!”
“Sorry, that came out wrong. I’m really out of practise at this kind of thing,” he backed up a couple steps looking down at his shoes. Then taking a deep breath he started over, “there is a Halloween party and haunted house at the boys’ school tonight, it’s a PTA fundraiser. I was wondering if you’d like to go with us?”
This was totally unexpected and I found myself momentarily speechless.
Then Bobby waving his sword ran up, “Don’t worry Glenda, I’ll bring my sword and keep you safe from any ruffians or thugs.”
“Yeah, me too!” his brother chimed in. Zoe looked over eyebrow raised.
Talk about pressure! Luckily this was the kind of pressure I was confident I could handle. “With three handsome pirates as my escorts how could a good witch say no?”