Oshawa, Ontario

The earliest known settlement in Oshawa started in the 1400s when the Lake Ontario Iroquois settled near the Harmony Creek. Today, with a population of over 166,000, Oshawa is the largest municipality in Durham Region. It is home to three post-secondary institutions and is rich in arts and cultural assets, with over 500 cultural businesses, events and festivals.


What Will's Therapist Says

Will's therapist told him that the way to achieve true inner peace was to remember to always finish what he started. So today, Will has finished 2 bags of potato crisps, a gallon of ice-cream, two buckets of chicken, and a chocolate cake. He feels much better already.

An Effective Workout

Jack, decidedly overweight, asks Doctor Mayo at Dundalk Health Centre, for help in losing weight. The doctor advises Jack to run 10 miles a day for 30 days. This, she promises, will help Jack lose as much as twenty pounds in a month.

Jack, naturally very excited, follows Doctor Mayo's advice to the letter, and, after thirty days, he is delighted to find that he has, indeed, lost twenty pounds.

Delighted, Jack 'phones Doctor Mayo and thanks her profusely for the wonderful advice which had produced such a tremendous result.

At the end of the conversation, however, he asks one last question, 'How do I get home now, Doctor, since I am some 300 miles away?'