Owen Sound, Ontario

The City of Owen Sound is located on the southern shores of Georgian Bay in a valley below the sheer rock cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment. Owen Sound is characterized by a magnificent harbour and bay, two winding rivers, tree-lined streets, an extensive parks system, and tree-covered hillsides and ravines, which are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Owen Sound is the largest urban community in Grey and Bruce Counties, which combined represent a primary commercial market of 158,000. Owen Sound is the seat of the County of Grey government, and is the location for a number of regional, provincial and federal government offices. There are twelve elementary schools, three secondary schools, and six private schools in addition to a Georgian College campus.

The downtown, recently refurbished and reminiscent of the 1900s, offers an economy that is balanced and diversified. The Heritage Place Shopping Centre on the east side complements the vibrant, scenic downtown core and other arterial shopping areas.


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Random Irish Facts....

irish harp symbolIrelands Patron Saint St. Patrick is not Irish!
Although the location isn’t exactly known, Saint Patrick is actually from mainland Britain; he is most likely from the region we now know as Wales. He was captured by Irish pirates and brought to Ireland at age 16. He spent 6 years in captivity before returning home to his family. Saint Patrick then spent 15 years in the priesthood and returned to Ireland as a missionary after having a vision where he then was ordained a Bishop.

The submarine was invented in Ireland.
John Philip Holland (29 February 1840 – 12 August 1914) was a Christian Brother from County Clare who invented the first submarine used by the US Navy and the first Royal Navy submarine– Holland 1.

The longest place name in Ireland is a small town in County Galway called Muckanaghederdauhaulia, which translates to “ridge, shaped like a pig’s back, between two expanses of briny water”.

St Valentine is buried in a Dublin church.
Many travel to Dublin every year to see the remains of St Valentine in Whitefair Street Church in Dublin!

The song “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”, synonymous with Ireland and all things Irish, was written by two Americans, George Graff and Chauncey Olcott, in 1912. There are no records to show that they ever even visited Ireland.

Off with their heads!
more articlesThe guillotine was used by the Irish 500 years before the French adopted it. The proof can be found in an old print of a gentleman named Murcod Ballagh using a guillotine near Merton, County Galway on April 1, 1307.

Harp -
Ireland is the only country in the world which has a musical instrument – the harp – as their national symbol. The oldest known harp in existence is housed in Trinity College, Dublin. It dates back from at least 1300.

For more things Irish, go to www.irishcentral.com