Port Colborne, Ontario

Originally known as Gravelly Bay, Port Colborne dates from 1832  and was renamed after Sir John Colborne, a British war hero and the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada at the time of the opening of the new southern terminus of the First Welland Canal in 1833. Port Colborne is one of Canada's largest inland ports and is home to one of the original Dairy Queens. Drop in to shop, dine, stay or just enjoy the Lock 8 Gateway Park while watching lakers & salties pass through one of the longest canal locks in the world.

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Notable moments in the history of Canada Day

Each July 1, Canadians celebrate Canada Day, which honors Canadian history and culture. Canada Day is celebrated on July 1 because that is the day in 1867 when the British North America Act, now known as the Constitution Act, 1867, officially created Canada. Many notable events have taken place in celebration of Canada since that act was passed, and the following are just a few such events.

  • June 20, 1868: On this day, Canada's first Governor General, Viscount Monck, signed a proclamation requesting all of Her Majesty's subjects across Canada to celebrate July 1. At the time, Canada was a self-governing federation but the United Kingdom retained legislative control over Canada and full control over its foreign policy.
  • 1879: A federal law making July 1 a statutory holiday is created. The holiday celebrates the anniversary of Canadian Confederation and is later named "Dominion Day." That name is changed to "Canada Day" 103 years later.
  • July 1, 1917: On the 50th anniversary of confederation, the Parliament buildings are dedicated to Canadians who fought in Europe in World War I. The buildings, which were still under construction at the time, also are dedicated to the men who played an integral role in Confederation half a century earlier.
  • July 1, 1927: The 60th anniversary of Confederation is celebrated with the inauguration of the now-iconic Peace Tower Carillon. Then-Governor General Viscount Willingdon also lays the cornerstone of the Confederation Building on Wellington Street.
  • July 1, 1967: Queen Elizabeth II attends the 100 anniversary of Confederation on Parliament Hill. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh would join the festivities on Parliament Hill in 2010 as well.
  • 1984: A mandate is issued to the National Capital Commission, which is henceforth tasked with organizing Canada Day celebrations in the capital.
  • 2017: Canada 150, a promotional termed coined by the Canadian government to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, takes place. In commemoration of the anniversary, the Bank of Canada released a special $10 banknote. Various regional projects are launched across the country in commemoration of Canada 150 as well.