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Originally published March 2009

My fellow canines . . . it's the end of February as I write this. March, and hopefully Spring, is just around the corner. My buddy, Percival, and myself check the weather every morning. No - we don't listen to the radio, watch the Weather Channel or log into The Weather Network. We simply walk over to the window and gaze out at the patio, and across our fields to the road. We can see our neighbour's place - a pretty farmhouse, in the distance. From this vantange point Percival and I can check to see if the snowplow has been by yet this morning. Sometimes, how fast or slow the cars are travelling is a good indication of the condition of the road. The patio itself is piled high with snow and there are footprints of a small visitor, perhaps a neighbouring cat or something more on the wild side - a coyote, sometimes a rabbit.

My humans are moaning about wanting Spring to arrive. This winter has certainly been a long and harsh one, starting at the beginning of November and not letting up. It seems to snow everyday and Rock is out on his tractor plowing our long driveway (which is really kind of fun he tells me). Some mornings my humans put on their snowshoes and we head out to the "back 40". This means getting all bundled up and sporting a thermos of hot coffee. I don't mind the winter so much. I have a good warm coat myself and I love to make what my humans call "Echo angels" in the snow. My humans take care to rinse the sidewalk salt from my paws when we meander through the small towns and downtown of Ontario. We've had some really, really cold days, so my humans keep on eye on when I start lifting up my paws . . . that's my body language for "it's too friggin cold to be out walking". When I come inside from one of our long walks, I snuggle up with my pal, Percival, in front of our warm fire. Yup, I'm okay with the winter thing! The days are getting longer and I've already seen my first robin. Robins are excellent barometers . . . when they start their Spring nesting rituals, Spring really is just around the corner. Happy daytripping!

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