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To my fellow canines . . . we are in Fall. Nice cool mornings for our walks, no pesky flying bugs, lots of leaves on the ground to roll in and I’m enjoying my second favourite pastime, chewing on bark. But more on this later. This is also the time of year when Rock puts in the wood for winter. He says that this is a chore that you do in the Fall but I know that he works on it in all four seasons. When we go for our walks in the forest in the Spring time he is always on the lookout for, as he puts it “mature trees that are starting to fade”. Sometimes Rock will point out a tree with a crack in it or that has bark that’s starting to discolour. “Another tree to watch for this year” he says. And watch he does. Throughout the Summer, he checks these trees when we go on our walks. If the leaves are not coming out like the trees around them, he will mark the trunk of the tree with a yellow paint dot. That way when all the leaves are off the trees in the Fall we can still tell which ones are for firewood. In the Fall, which is now, Rock and I head back into the woods with the tractor and wagon. Of course, Rock drives the tractor and I ride in the wagon. We stop at each tree that’s marked, cut it down, cut it up and load the wood in the wagon. Then back to the woodshed to unload the wood. Here is where I get to help. Some times as Rock is unloading the wood, the bark will fall off onto the ground. We can’t have that because Rock may trip on it so it’s my job, sort of, to pick up the the bark, take it outside and chew it into little pieces. I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Soon we will be into season four, Winter. This is the time when I really enjoy the fruits of our (okay, Rock’s) labour. A stack of dry wood has been brought in from the woodshed, the fire is roaring and I’m laying in front enjoying my most favourite pastime, catching a few Zzzzzz’s.

This is a great time of year to get your humans off the couch and take them for a walk in the cool Fall air.

Happy Daytripping!

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