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To my fellow canines . . .

well, June is here, which means launching the boat. My humans have taken our boat out of storage and are cleaning it and airing it out. They’re making sure that they have all required items on board - several flashlights with fresh batteries, clean linens and towels, bug spray and sun- screen, flares for an emergency, and lifejackets. My lifejacket has a handle on it so that they can pluck me out of the water.

I’m in charge of final inspection. As is my duty, I check the important things first. Is there enough dogfood on board, with a little extra in case we are storm-stayed? How about dog treats - do we have a good supply? Echo in the Dingy Has the dinghy been checked for leaks and is it sufficiently inflated on all sides? I ride in this dinghy on my little jaunts to shore to do my business so it is important that it is in good working order. Do we have our dinghy motor on board, and paddles just in case? Have the docking lines been inspected for wear? These lines will hold the boat at the dock so they must be strong, especially in inclement weather. Is the anchor chain firmly attached, and is the anchor rode marked clearly with various coloured tape every ten feet? Echo inspecting the boat This will indicate to us how much anchor rode to let out, depending on the depth of the water where we are anchoring. Has the drinking water tank been flushed out and then filled with fresh water? It’s always handy to have good water on board to fill my water bowl. Have we packed the screens for the campertop, so that we can let the breeze in, but not the bugs? My towel - did we pack my towel? It has my name embroidered on it; how cool is that? Have we hooked up the fancy GPS monitor so that we know exactly where we’re going?

We have a number of favouite bays to anchor in, where we can stop for lunch, perhaps a swim off the back of the boat. My favourite is to jump off the boat into the water. I get a little anxious waiting patiently for the anchor to be set, but it’s important that the boat is secured and won’t drift away while we’re swimming. And oh yes - now that we have drained the bilge of any rain water, where is that plug? We need the plug! Oh dear, has anybody seen it? Thank goodness - here it is. Let’s put the plug in securely nice and tight. Awwh - now we are ready for a lovely cruise on beautiful Georgian Bay. Can’t wait!!

Happy Daytripping!

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