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To my fellow canines . . .

Our summer season always involves adventures on our boat. One of my favourite activities while boating is the dinghy ride to shore. There are a few rules for riding in the dingy. I must get in first and then move out of the way for Rock to join me. Once we’re all in, sitting still is a must and I comply (well kinda). You see I get excited about getting to shore and begin to make circles. This invariably results in a paw with nails stepping on a foot without shoes OUCH! Rock knows it’s just an accident but he still threatens to make me swim to shore if I don’t stop it. Which I wouldn’t mind because swimming is another of my favourite activities. In fact, sometimes after the boat is anchored in our usual spot I don’t even have to wait for Rock. I just give him that look and he says “Okay, go ahead” and I’m in the water swimming for shore. Rock and Cyndy arrive shortly in the dingy and I run over to greet them and promptly shake off the excess water.Echo in the dinghy at King's Wharg

They are not happy, but I chuckle. Rock and Cyndy also enjoy live theatre and one of their summer favorites is the King’s Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene. They anchor in the bay and we go for a walk before the show and then it’s back to the boat for me. “Keep an eye out for pirates” they joke as they head back to the theatre. After they leave I begin to enjoy another favourite activity, catching a few Zzzzzz’s. Here’s hoping you're having some wonderful adventures with your humans.

Happy Daytripping!

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