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Originally published May 2011

My fellow canines . . . May is here - and that means shopping for Mothers Day.

I wait patiently outside my favourite card shop in Fergus, while Rock disappears inside. He has my order -- pick up a Mothers Day card that says "From the Dog" - that would be me. The bigger the card, the better. Even better if it comes with a treat. It would be nice if the card has loving words - you know, the things I would say myself if I could. Even better yet, if Rock would pat me on the head when he comes out of the shop and tell me what a "good boy I am" for waiting so patiently.

Echo in Fergus It's great when passersby make eye contact with me and then I use my charismatic powers to bring them over to have a little chat. As chance would have it, there is sure to be a fellow canine walking with his human . . . and we get to wag our tails, twist our leashes and say hello. I look in the shop window and see Rock browsing through the cards, finding just the right one. Maybe they have dog toys in there too. Yes, Rock should buy a dog toy for Cyndy. I could give it to her, along with the card of course. She may not find a use for the dog toy and it could possibly end up in my toy box.

Here's comes Rock now. Yes - we have the pat on the head, and the perfect card of course. I love shopping for Mother's Day.

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