Echo the Daytripper DogThe Best of Echo, The Daytripper Dog

Originally published June 2011

Echo and Buddy My fellow canines . . . it's June and this is what my summer is all about. My buddy, "Buddy", and I love to explore the shoreline and, until we tire Rock out, we chase sticks he throws into the water. Oh yeah! This is what a dog's life is all about! I think my humans like it too. Sometimes they'll take off their shoes, roll up their jeans and wade into the water with us. And then sometimes when they're playing with us, they'll just get a soaker. Then their sneakers go "squish squish" all the way home (along with a few curses, which I'm not allowed to repeat). This is Penetanguishene Bay, just off the park by the King's Wharf Theatre. Take your humans for a little stroll and convince them how much fun a nice doggie swim would be. If they throw a stick into the water, go after it of course. But every once in a while, change it up . . . and simply do not bring the stick back to them. This is when they walk along the water's edge coaxing you. Chances are, they'll lose their footing and yes -- get a soaker. Close your ears to the curses, and try not to laugh out loud. This does provide great entertaiment on a warm lazy summer afternoon.

Happy daytripping with your humans!


Next month our new Travel Companion Bonnie-Jane will take over the keyboard from Echo. She has big paws to fill but we are sure she will find her way. Please extend a warm welcome to Bonnie-Jane.