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To my fellow canines . . .

...I’ve consulted with Regine Manicom at Rockwood Flea Market about bringing a puppy into your home at Christmas time. This is what Regine had to say:
Christmas is coming with all its excitement of decorating, getting together with family and friends, lots of yummy food, travelling, and the presents! Is this a good time to get a puppy? Probably not. Bringing a young puppy into the house is not unlike bringing home a new baby except the four legged kind can already run around, chew, bark, jump up and more. It takes a lot of supervision and training. The house must be made safe, puppy needs to go out frequently, it needs lots of naps. Too much excitement, noise, people and scary things can overwhelm a puppy. So if you bring pup home for Christmas can you protect it from all those yummy treats laid out on the coffee table (many can make pup sick or worse)? How about electrical cords, especially the extra ones for decorations? The extra Christmas plants, some of which are poisonous and the Christmas tree itself with all the shiny stuff on it? The presents, wrapping paper, ribbons? Too many people all trying to pick it up, cuddle it, play with it, accidently stepping on it? Do you have the time to take it out frequently for potty breaks, to start its training, maintain regular feeding schedule? Do you have a nice quiet safe spot for it to nap? If you can do all these things, and introduce pup to houseguests in a positive, gentle, controlled manner so it is well on its way to socialization, then go get that puppy or rescue you always wanted for Christmas.

I’m an old guy now. I too need to go out frequently and I need lots of naps. I love when company arrives and I still take advantage knowing that they really don’t know the house rules - like no feeding the dog. In my day, I’ve opened a few gifts for my humans, just to have a peek, you know, being helpful. Have a safe and happy holiday season, shower your humans with love and behave as much as you can. You might even give them a gift - just make sure it’s not of the “shredded” variety. Trust me, that never goes over well!

Happy Daytripping!

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